BSOLAR buy existing Solar PV panel installations for cash. We buy your solar PV installed system.

o you have Solar Photovoltaic panels on your property but your circumstances have changed and you would now rather have the money you invested back? Would you now like to sell your existing solar PV installed system? You can. How does this work?

In essence you change your solar panel purchase into a free PV installation.

We have investors looking to buy Solar Panel System Installations in return for which, they get the Feed-In-Tariff payments. The solar PV installation on your home has a value to us, even if your estate agent puts no value on it, we do. If you are selling your home you could make more by selling the installed solar panel system separately.

Do you wish to sell your installed Solar Panels? Have you been hoping to find someone who will ‘buy my existing solar PV installation’? The process is simple. Contact us with details about you, our property, the solar photovoltaic system installed on it and how much it has generated (from your FITs statements). We will discuss a price. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised by the amount you could make from this sale.

Email to or call 0333 1234 327 for a quick response.